Monday, July 3, 2017

Temple of San Sebastián

This past weekend was Canada Day and a very difficult time for me to be away from Canada. I missed my family and our friends and just about everything else that is Canadian. We had our own barbecue Saturday night, but it just wasn't the same without friends, family, fireworks and red and white outfits everywhere. So I ventured out to the local park to take some pictures of the cathedral and keep me from feeling sorry for myself.

We are staying in the Colonia of San Sebastian. It is a nice neighbourhood and around the corner is the centre of this borough. The focal point of the square is the Temple of San Sebastián.

Original building and newer additions are visible on this historic building. (When the Spanish arrived in the Yucatan, they destroyed most of the Mayan temples and built their churches on top of the ruins to prove their dominance. I'm not sure if this site is the same. The old stone construction is beautiful.)

Parque de San Sebastián

Temple of San Sebastián

Front entrance to Temple of San Sebastián.

Clock tower

Temple of San Sebastián

The view from the back of  he Temple of San Sebastián.

One of the most popular trees of the Yucatan (delonix regia) has these bright orange flowers. I love the colour and they are everywhere in the city. The trees have large unsightly plumes up to a foot long that makes them quite messy part of the year.
The Mayor of Mérida promised the residents that exercise equipment will be installed in all parks in the City. This is one of the examples of the equipment. The machines work with your own body weight.

Typical of parks in Mérida are the basketball court and baseball diamond. The parks are extremely busy between 6 and 9pm every evening of the week, but especially Sunday evenings. When we go for our morning exercises around 7-8am, the park is a hive of activity.

Baseball diamond.
Herman walking along the church wall.