Saturday, August 19, 2017

Fire and TRX

Celebration of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

August 15 is the day when people of the Catholic Church observe the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. In Mexico it is another week filled with parades, non-stop fire crackers fireworks and music. In one town it is also celebrated with the running of bulls.

However, in our small Burrough here in Mérida, it consists of days of fire crackers, fireworks, music, marching bands and parades. (Anytime from 6am right through till 2am.)  The procession starts with the fire cracker/fireworks team up front, followed by a float with a statue of the Virgin Mary, followed by families and finally the Valiant with the sound system playing Mexican traditional music. The families participate by walking behind the band with their crests in the form of embroidered banners, honouring their passed loved ones, dressed in their Sunday best.

It is a loud experience, that somehow comes across as sombre and demands a respectful demeanor from the onlookers. Mexico is such a country of contrasts and I'm a long way from understanding all the customs, but they respect their elders and celebrate life.

In our everyday life here in expat world, we are often astounded by some of the negative comments posted online. On the other side of the coin, no one has posted that they have regretted their decision to move to Mexico. Mostly people wonder why they took so long to make the move. 😉

Working out with the TRX

Herman and I bought the TRX just before we left Canada. We saw many positive reviews of the system but mostly we thought it would be so easy to pack, because it takes up about as much space a a brick when packed away.  TRX works with your own body weight and the angle you lean.

I have to say Herman is getting ripped. He definitely has the beginnings of his abs back. Ok, so he is also on a different diet. I still eat more than I should, SURPRISE! But I like the feeling of  tighter muscles, especially in the triceps area, which is a bitch to shape up when you're over forty!

Of course it works, if you use it. So far we are enjoying working out with it and thought we'd share our abs, back and tricep workout.

In this week's video:

  • Herman shows us how to make a fire the Mexican way
  • We give a blurry synopsis of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary procession, AND
  • We demonstrate the TRX system without the benefit of sponsorship support

All while living the dream.