Monday, December 18, 2017


Last Sunday evening we walked down to Centro in SeyƩ and were pleasantly surprised by being in time for the Christmas Lights countdown, followed by a play put together by the local community. The story was about a young boy who was very sad because his dad worked so hard he was never home and that this Christmas he was also going to be alone, but in the end Mickey and Minnie Mouse showed up and saved the day. Clearly there was a lot lost in translation, but my point is that we loved the play and we were blown away by the display put together by such a small town. It warmed our hearts and made us feel that it was almost Christmas.

We had some fries as a snack (deep fried on the spot and served with cream, cheese and ketchup). It sounds weird, but it is great!

Herman and I celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary this past week on December 13th. When we first met, we were sharing rooms in a commune and were friends for a year. Then we went on a couple of dates and decided we should get married. And it was all said and done within six months. Needless to say, many people were sceptical about the success of such a hasty decision. When I think of the past 31 years, I cannot believe how the time has flown.

We had a lovely dinner in Progreso, right on the beach. Of course I finally had a Margarita and man what a Margarita! Luckily I was not the designated driver so we got home in one piece.

I am very busy right now with work and Herman is starting to get busy as well. Finally the weather has started to get warm again. No socks anymore! Hopefully the past couple of winter weeks are all we're going to see. I know, it's not minus 20, but hey, it is cold for here.