Sunday, February 18, 2018

Winds of Change

Surprise: The house has not closed yet. Guess not really a surprise. Life still goes on, and more money is spent on monthly rent. If you ever decide to move here, be prepared for a lot of things LOL. It is lucky that we have a sense of humour, or maybe just a tad of insanity.

We ate a lovely lunch last Sunday, prepared by the very artistic Niki and her sidekick Louis. And received two very lovely Valentine's Day cards from their beautiful twins, Poppy and Maia. Made our day!
Herman's card: "Happy Valitime's day"

Denise's card: "Happy Valitime's day"

To: Herman and To: You

Funny how some things become normal in the Yucatan: we no longer even mention the spiders or scorpions we encounter, we just accept the pests as a part of life. However, the recent occurrences of giant flying cockroaches deserve their own pic! EEEWWW.

Giant flying cockroach next to Herman's foot.

We are still trying to eliminate leaf cutter ants from our life, especially after they ate both my two new crouton shrubs down to stubs overnight. We received new intel on the necessary ammunition required for the war we have declared against these mighty destroyers of gardens. We will test it out soon...

Last week Xena was very sick. She was lethargic, had no appetite, had a high fever, and she could only breath through her mouth. All in all, we concluded that she had something as severe as the man-cold. Luckily our friend Vianny has a vet she recommended. She was absolutely amazing and even followed up with us on WhatsApp this week to find out how Xena was doing. We are so happy to report that Xena is better now and almost back to normal.
Sick sleepy Xena.

This week is the date when I can start my residency renewal application for the next three years and I am so excited, but still a little nervous, to get this done. It is a process, as was the first application, but if you follow the steps it all gets done. Just chill and go with the flow. The staff were amazing last time, and I have no reason to think they won't be again. Hi-ho-hi-ho-hi-ho it's off to Mérida INM we go...

The weather has been awesome with cool nights and hot days. Swimming and beer are the order of each day. Of course there is some work being done with all the planning for me to return to Canada for the wedding and other family matters. And quite a lot of stress in dealing with the upcoming long distance relationship we are submitting ourselves to. But hell, after 31 years, including 2 years of military separation, bring it on! It is of course made so much easier because of the amazing people we have as friends, family, and friends who have become family. Thanks for your never-ending support of our normal.