Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The countdown is on

Cinco de Mayo

As mentioned in my blog before, this day is a non-event in Mérida and most of Mexico, because it celebrates a battle against Napoleon III, which was won in Puebla and is not independence day.

We decided to go out for dinner and went to our favourite family chain: Eladio's. It was great, as usual, and we ate a little too much. My first Margarita (hopefully of many) since arriving here, was amazing! After dinner we went for a little stroll in our favourite local park. I am so excited to move to our new rental house on Sunday where we will have the place to go ourselves.

It was a really lazy day, but a good one with much cooler weather and we spent it outside most of the day under the trees in the courtyard.

The new rental

It was as if we arrived at the taj mahal - seriously! The small things that matter when you haven't had it for a long time: Since we left Canada in March, we have not had a real couch to sit on or a dining room table to eat at.


bedroom 2

dining room

front yard

living room

We are across from the school, so it's busy in the mornings and at lunchtime when school starts and ends. Down the street is a local park where there is Zumba in the morning and lots of people out exercising before work. Just on the other side of the park there are restaurants all over the place, and we've had our first barbecue chicken from a local chain that was excellent. We visited the local butcher and bought some fresh pork and chicken. A really nice area close to many shops. It is Francisco de Montejo and is a suburb of Mérida.