Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Town of Seyé

Today is the 10th of May and we decided it was time to drive out to the town where we hope to live soon. We could not resist to go to our hopefully future home. We knocked on the door, but no one was home, so we snuck along the outside to take some pictures for those of you who have asked for pictures of the house.
front yard
Front yard.

lizard on a wall
One of our neighbours.

front entrance
Tree outside the front door.

front yard
View from the front to the street.

front gate
Front gate.

Wall along the length of the property.

front door
Front gate and door.

back porch
Back porch - the roof is still to be built over the patio.

Pool and backyard.

Herman and I loved being in the small town as well and we did a walk-about of the main square and the market and compared some prices of food and appliances etc. All in all the town compares well with Mérida prices, except that the market is cheaper and the groceries are more expensive, which we expected. Luckily the larger grocery stores on the outskirts of Mérida are close enough to make a bi-weekly run for the staple supplies and then the local market is awesome for all the fresh veggies and meat that we eat.
Seyé main square park.
Main square in Seyé.

Seyé main square park.
Park in the square in Seyé.

church in Seyé
Seyé's cathedral.

We are excited to move to our house and cannot wait for the paperwork to be finalized and the ownership to be registered etc. Six weeks from now, we should move in; if all goes well.