Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Evolucion Animal A.C. and the Chelem Curry Club

Evolucion Animal A.C.

Evolucion Animal A.C. is a local dog rescue non-profit who saves dogs and is the only shelter where the dogs are not euthanized to control numbers. There are over 200 dogs in the shelter and from November to March the dogs are sent to adoptive families in Mexico, Canada and the USA.

Yesterday I was fortunate to meet Patricia and her husband Ken. Patricia  and Ken are actively involved in this wonderful cause. Patricia spends a lot of her time organizing fundraisers for this worthy cause. They are not scared of getting dirty and regularly help to clean, walk, wash and feed the dogs . It is an excellent place to donate your time if you are around, and their website provides some days for dog walking and washing etc.

Over the past week they hosted an online art auction and I was fortunate to get one of the paintings. This will be my first local artist's addition to our new house. I am very excited about this.
Painting of a dog
Artist: Edith Eloisa Martinéz Covián

I will be spending some time volunteering at Evolucion as soon as we are settled into our new house and will share regular updates about them. In the meantime if you want to adopt a dog or donate, please do so on their website.

Herman also discovered the Chelem Curry Club on facebook this week and they had a curry take-out night last night, so he ordered some of the chicken curry.
Before collecting our lovely dinner, we stopped at the beach in Chelem with Xena for a quick cooldown. The houses are built so close to the ocean and you can see the damage done by the salt and the fierceness of the water. We enjoyed walking on the beach a bit.

After some bundu-bashing over sand and down tiny side roads we managed to find the Curry Club, and it was absolutely worth the drive and the effort; the food was excellent!  They are closed now for a month, but we will be there again once they open.

We also saw this cute guy right next to the street and he wasn't phased by our closeness and just stared back at us...
Mexican Iguana
Mexican iguana: ctenosaura