Sunday, March 12, 2017

In the beginning...

Anyone who knows Herman and I know that we love motorcycle touring. The freedom of riding on your own bike with only wind noise. Spending solitary time with your own thoughts and not planning ahead. There is nothing like it. It was no surprise then that we started thinking about taking a trip around the world and watched DVDs from Horizons Unlimited, or followed other adventure riders with the hope that we will one day do that too.

That was the plan more than 5 years ago - start saving and one day, pack up and leave.

On a fateful day about 6 years ago, we started talking about where we want to go for our 25th wedding anniversary. I was ready to book the all inclusive trip to Cuba that we always enjoy so much, but craziness overtook Herman and he suggested we rent a vacation home. No, of course not in Florida, one in Mexico! I think my mouth must have gaped, for who would want to vacation in Mexico in a house rental? Isn't that where people go to get shot? If you're not in a resort, will you not get pulled over and robbed? BY THE POLICE? WTF Herman?!

As persuasive as he is though, we decided that if you are African and survived 30 years of your life in South Africa, Mexico will be a breeze. So we booked a house on a beach somewhere along the Gulf of Mexico, just outside the Port of Progreso and flew to Cancun.