Wednesday, March 29, 2017

On the Road in the US...

We stayed at the KOA outside Louisville in a Camping Cabin. As usual the people in the office were friendly and almost everyone we met were retired; easy and attractive lifestyle of travelling through the US with a trailer. One boy came over to play with Xena and tell us about their imminent visit to the home of the Louisville Slugger factory. It was refreshing to see kids playing outside and getting excited about a visit to see how they made baseball bats; not just any bat, but still.

Cabin in Louisville KOA.

So far it is considerably warmer and traffic has been great. We are progressing well. We are driving through a lot of thunderstorms but have luckily avoided the tornadoes.

Nashville looked beautiful from the interstate but we just passed by and are taking a break tonight in West Memphis.

We travelled to Houston and so far have been lucky to avoid any serious storms. However, we decided to delay our departure this morning until a storm cell passed, which gave me time to update our  blog.

So far we have not made any videos because uploading videos take long and the free wi-fi in  motels is not conducive, but that's just an excuse, because we are not making videos... As a matter of fact we have hardly taken pictures. I will have to change that LOL.

Right now, sitting in the Motel waiting for the storm to pass and still aiming to cross into Mexico tomorrow.