Monday, March 27, 2017

Last supper and day one on the road.

We had dinner at my daughter’s apartment Friday evening. It was the best lasagna and conflicting emotions. We said goodbye and no hysterics but a profound sadness settled over me. Herman and I were both feeling the pressure.

Saturday morning Herman got up shortly after 5 in the morning and started loading everything in the car. We had so much stuff, but somehow he got everything in. Both our son and his partner were a big help, but I was bitchy and irritable and tried to leave the townhouse clean. I must have filled up another five garbage bags. We had a lovely breakfast at a local diner and said goodbye again. More emotions but finally we were off.

Crossing the US border was now the next hurdle. The drive was busy in pouring rain, but the feared crossing was normal. The customs officer just wanted to know why we would want to retire in Mexico, and then said: "Just go." In record time we were driving down the I95.

About an hour into the US, we both started relaxing and Herman said: “We are really doing it!”

We drove through a lot of rain and the temperature gradually started rising. We decided to stay in Medina, OH. After driving around for about 40 minutes to find the KOA only to find out it was closed for the season, we bought grilled chicken and salad and had a picnic. Our little dog, Xena, was a champion and was great all day. She was a little nervous in the Motel, but started relaxing during the night and we slept fitfully.