Thursday, June 8, 2017

Third month...third house


After two months in Mexico, we are still nomads. Our new home is waiting for us and we are waiting for it. Since the closing date is a constant moving target, we decided to rent our next house for three months rather than switching again sooner. However, it is soon summer holidays and lots of rental homes are booked for short periods over July and August. We finally found a house in Centro that we could afford and allows pets...

Parrots and owls

We have seen parrots and a baby owl right in Mérida and life is a constant learning curve. Our Spanish is still silliness, but so much better than it was when we first arrived. Xena has become such an amazingly well behaved dog. Overall life is good, quiet and intense at the same time.

Car trouble

So on Tuesday we packed the car - experts at tetras for sure. The tree is now a foot tall (above the container it was planted in) and the two hammocks and a few groceries were added to the load. So our skills at packing are challenged, but in the end it was a perfect job. So we went for a nap and waited for the time to leave. We hopped in the overheated car and were ready to set off. But the car would not start! Unbelievable, but true. I thought it was the battery, but Herman thought if we have the tow the car we should unpack it. So we unpacked it again.

I called Ford in Mérida, but the receptionist just hung up on me and my broken Spanish. We called Ford roadside assistance, but of course the North American number is actually only a Canadian number. We called the dealer in Kitchener and played some musical phones until we were told to disconnect the battery to reset the car which was probably immobilized for some alien reason. Glad we had unpacked the car because the tools were in the middle of the load. We then disconnected the battery, but still no luck. We sent texts to our agent that we will be late.

Kindness of strangers

The police then stopped on our street and Herman walked over to ask for advice. Next thing you know he is spreadeagled and the cuffs are coming out. No just kidding! He helped jump start the car and it started! Happy dance.

So now we text our agent again, saying that we can be on our way in thirty minutes. We speed-pack the tetras load. Remember it is still 38 degrees Celsius, so sweat is literally dripping off us. When we finally get a call from our agent, it is to tell us that they couldn't wait any longer and we would only be able to check in on Wednesday. WTF!!!

Kindness of strangers part two

Luckily the owner of our current rental, Leslie, was amazing and agreed to let us stay another night at no extra charge. We were sooooo happy about that! I did not look forward to a sex motel again! Of course now the car was packed and under no circumstances was I going to unpack everything again. So we had to chill till the next day. I walked to the store got a couple of beers, some cheese, ham and buns and we were set for dinner.

House number three

On Wednesday around 4pm we finally arrived at the new rental in Mérida. The add said it had a pool, a garage, a  microwave, a toaster oven, towels, and dogs (would be considered). We paid a lot extra for the dog.  No garage, pool is empty, no microwave or toaster oven that I could find, no towels. Of course most rentals have only a double bed - not queen or king size - which is quite different in this heat, so our hammocks are going to come in handy again to stay cool. We were told after we paid the deposit, but before we signed the lease, that we have to fill the pool and pay for the water, but there is no hose and no pool tools on site.We are not sure yet if we are going to have the pool filled and maintained at our cost, but we are considering it.

I really appreciate that the couch in the house was covered with linens for our dog, because usually I cover the furniture anyway, just because Xena is a princess and does sit on furniture and now runs straight inside from outside too! 

The house is lovely in all other ways and the backyard was a godsend. I can manage with the two-burner stove for two or three months. I am "the best" after all. The area that we are in is also great and close to downtown Mérida (Centro) so we can go to Noche Blanca (white night) on Saturday and will definitely go shopping and walking around in areas that we spent a lot of time with when we were here with the kids before.

Late last night we went to buy groceries and enjoyed some furniture moving until 11pm so that we could hang the hammocks in the only place where the Canadian owner have not removed the hammock hooks. Eh!?

Life is Good!

Anyway, it is Mexico, and sunny and beautiful and we are listening to our neighbours' lovely Zumba-esque music this morning. I have WiFi again - life is complete.

Dog in backyard.
Princess Xena in the backyard, ready to attack another lizard.

View from backyard towards house.

Two chairs and table in entrance hall.
Entrance hall of house.

Dining table and couch
Dining room and living room.

Dog perched on couch.
Princess Xena on her perch protecting us from "The Attack of the Mayan Lizards".