Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day 2017

This year for father's day we decided to go visit the Mérida Zoo. Since it was walking distance from our house, we didn't need to worry about parking either. We were here four years ago when we visited Mérida with Dominique and we really enjoyed the zoo.

It is in a park in the city centre and entrance is free. The park features many small rides for kids with play and water parks and lots of stands selling toys, food and snacks and of course the zoo. It is a family friendly environment.

We arrived at 9am and it just opened, so it was perfect timing. Lots of people were already there trying to avoid the mid-day heat, but I expect it will be much busier later today. We had a cold drink after the long walk from home and started our walk through the zoo.

I usually don't like seeing animals in cages and prefer them being in the wild in their natural environment, however I did enjoy being able to get this close to so many animals. The families who were there all seemed to be having fun.

I made a video of the pictures and videos I took and you can view it below.

To all the father's out there - Happy Father's Day!