Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The mother of all markets

If you know me, then you know I love farmers' markets for the fresh local produce. I don't like the flee markets that seem to attach themselves to these markets, but I endure them and sometimes I enjoy just sauntering through and seeing all the weird stuff people sell. Most of all I love the activity, the selection of vegetables and fruit, the colours and the interaction with regular people who still work the land. I prefer buying vegetables to fruit and love to cook them and spend time creating dishes that we enjoy. It gives me a chance to be creative while Herman gets to eat low salt food. Having an appreciative audience is also awesome - thank you Herman!

We have been to Mérida several times but have never visited this amazing market. On Monday, and again today, we decided to explore and visit the mother of all farmers' markets: Mercado Lucas de Galvez. It was established in 1884 and consisted of three stands. In 1909 it was reconstructed and in 1949 it moved to its current location in Mérida, just blocks away from Gran Plaza.

The market has everything from small chicks and rabbits, fresh fish, meat and poultry, candy, cakes, bread, fresh fruit and vegetables, coffee shops, cake decorating stores, livestock feed, dog food, clothes, shoes, wonderful stands with lots and lots of spices from all over (finally I found them!), and everything else you can think of.

We spent two mornings there and still haven't seen even half of this amazing market

Herman was in charge of the camera today, so he made an awesome video, which is hosted on our YouTube channel and below are some of the pictures he took on our way there and at the market.

San Juan park near our house. This park is a couple of blocks from the Ado bus depot where a lot of tourists arrive from Cancun.

San Juan park with a new fountain.
San Juan park - early morning activity where students sit around surfing the internet. All parks in Mérida have free WiFi access.

Food vendors serving breakfast outside the San Juan cathedral.

San Juan cathedral.

Magazine and newspaper vendor outside the church.

Streetview outside Mercado Lucas de Galvez

The market covers several blocks in the city.

Shoe repair shop - vintage machine.

One of the vendors at the market.

One of the loading areas outside the market. All along the outside there are also café's where you can sit down to eat.

Market vendors.


More vendors.

A street outside the market on the way to Gran Plaza.

Another local park right outside the market.

A walkway closed to traffic for pedestrian use. There are many shops in downtown Mérida where even I am tempted to shop. 

Denise at Gran Plaza.

Herman at Gran Plaza.

Clothes and shoes and books and stuff! 

One of the miscellaneous isles at the market.

Beans, dog food, flowers, toys. You name it, they have it.