Sunday, June 18, 2017

Peke de diaz en el parque

So that was my attempt at writing my blog's title in Spanish. I think it's awesome! It means dog day in the park. "peke" is Mayan for dog and is one of the Mayan words used here mingled with Spanish which makes the Yucatecan Spanish unique. I love learning to speak Spanish. It is more exciting than moving here (kind of).

Yesterday we decided to attend a public event where federal congressman Liborio Vidal gave several local non-profit organizations donations for their good work. Our favourite dog rescue initiative here in Mérida, Evolucion AC, received an amazing $43,000 pesos. The event organizers asked people to register on facebook for a prize during the event, where they and their dog could receive a prize of dog food. There were lots of people and dogs. There was also a competition for best breed and the Afghan stole the show.

It was fun to be out and about at a local event, however, my Spanish is not good enough yet to fully converse with the vet that provided free examinations of your peke. We did understand that Xena was fine, but had a little bit of a stomach ache because she ate too much.

Today we are planning to visit the Mérida Zoo. We were there last when Dominique was with us in Mexico, and had a lovely time despite the fact that the crocodiles hissed at us - and no one else. We are going to confirm if it was because of us or just Dominique's presence. HeeHee

There are so many exciting things going on and we have something to attend at least every week. We found out that our closing date has been postponed for two months, but at least we have our current rental for that period, so no worries there. We are becoming tranquila for sure - even I am relaxed.
Evolucion staff receiving their cheque.

Parque del Aleman (German) in Itzimna, Mérida. The stage where all the winners received their prizes.

One of the stalls with some pet owner goodies.

Evolucion's stall.

Herman and Xena.