Saturday, April 1, 2017

Accommodation fun

We drove from the border to Tampico to spend the night. We did some searched online and identified that there were very few hotels who allowed pets in Tampico, but we had the address of the Comfort Inn in our GPS and after a really long drive, we arrived in another very busy metropolis. First the GPS directed us to turn left into a triple lane one-way. After that we ended up in a residential area and again it directed is left into oncoming traffic. We pulled over and searched for the Best Western, which I remembered was on a main highway, and also indicated a pet friendly policy.

On our way there, we noticed the Hampton Inn and took a chance, but no luck with pets. It was around 6:00pm and we did not want to struggle around in the dark, so we pulled over again, and searched for motel accommodation. In 4km there was one, so we headed that way. This time making no wrong turns and finding it within 15 minutes. As we drove in there was a small booth at the gate, so the place looked secure. They did not blink at us asking if the dog can stay, and said yes.

However, as soon as we entered and was asked how many hours we would be staying, and noticed that each room had a garage, Herman said: "This is a Mexican hotel for sex." I was still excited about having my own locked garage, so didn't really think much when the reception smiled widely when Herman indicated we wanted to stay the entire night!

This was super hilarious considering that we would have slept in the car, but ended up in a posh hotel with mirrors everywhere, an innovated circular dumb waiter for deliveries and probably the cleanest hotel we have seen ever. Loved the tiles on the floors - which is everywhere and just awesome to not have carpets!!

We haven't eaten since the previous night, but we were not even hungry.We did some research about our next destination trying to fin a pet friendly hotel in Veracruz, and found they had lots - if we can believe the internet...