Thursday, April 27, 2017

From Villahermosa to Mérida

The drive from Villahermosa to Campeche was nice and peaceful. We crossed several bridge over large bodies of water along the Gulf of Mexico.
bridge over ocean

We went through small towns that were charming and stopped at Atasta where we were taken in by this peaceful town along the water. After a nice break we travelled through Ciudad Del Carmen, which is one of the most beautiful stretches of beach and clear water we've seen. A marine and land protected area carries on for miles. We were stopped twice by the Federales to check the ownership of our vehicle and to check us out. These police officers speak English and in all our visits to Mexico they have always been helpful, friendly and professional.
wooden bridge into the lagoon

Small strip of beach between Ciudad Del Carmen and Campeche

fishing boats on beach

After spending our memorable night at the San Sebastian Hotel, we left shortly after a great breakfast heading towards Merida on the newly built 180. The lights along the highway seem to be aluminum poles with LED lights that are solar powered, which I thought was exciting.

When we were travelling over the past couple of weeks we realized how alone we were and it heightens the feeling of homesickness. When we did this 21 years ago, we had our small family with us and it was somehow better because of that. This time, we do not have to make it work to keep our young children alive, but we have to deal with that immense sense of being just us. Not even being able to communicate freely with people around us definitely makes this experience more difficult.

When we crossed into the Yucatan state from the state of Campeche, we were jubilant.
Welcome to the Yucatan sign.

Arriving in Merida on Tuesday morning, felt like coming home. It was amazing to see places we recognized. Especially when we realized that the room we are renting, is only a few blocks away from the Zoo we enjoyed so much on a previous visit! It is a bitter sweet feeling of "being home" but not near anyone we love. Most of the spring flowers are in full bloom.
bougainvillea in bloom

homeland monument on Paseo de Montejo

Right now, we have a lot of boxes to check; register with immigration, get cell phone number, view potential properties, etc. It keeps us on a level of stress that we can definitely do without, but it is also the feeling of the unknown that makes it exciting.

We are visiting the local parque de las Americas at least twice a day. It has so many things happening every day, including several outdoor sessions of Zumba, which I plan to participate in next week. We are getting to know this neighbourhood really well and have found a grocery store we like, but still need to find one that sells really good wine.
Pillar in parque de las americas

We are happy and enjoying the freedom we have and looking forward to settling down in our new home (as soon as we find it).

Along Paseo de Montejo picture of us.