Thursday, April 27, 2017

In limbo

We drove out to Chabihau where there was a house we were interested in. This small fisherman's village is along the Gulf of Mexico, East from Progreso. It was hit hard by a hurricane a few years back and the closest houses to the ocean were wiped out at that time. The drive there was pretty through the usual Yucatan dense low vegetation. From the 180 we headed North on a single lane highway. There are small outlets on either side for cars to pull off for oncoming traffic. The road was pretty busy, but everyone is courteous and we arrive at the small village without incident.
Road to Chabihau

Road to Chabihau

Before you enter the town, there is a lagoon on either side of the road. This area is known for its flamingos and nearby there is a natural sanctuary for these birds.

Lagoon outside Chabihau

The small village of Chabihau.
 We parked the car and took a walk on the beach.
Man on the beach.
Some of the houses were clearly still damaged, but it was shocking to think that an entire row of houses had disappeared and that the town was now one street smaller. The force of a hurricane was unimaginable on a clear day like this.
Chabihau beach with some properties to the left.

Man and dog on the beach.

Birds on poles in the sea.

The town was small, but really lovely and clean. We liked the town and met some really nice people who invited us into their home for some local coco frio which is a delicious cool creamy ice cream made with coconut. If we didn't find our house two days after this visit, we would have bought a house here and stayed. We had a lovely time driving to this quiet town and then headed back to our rental in Mérida using the coastal road through Progreso. It is a lovely paved road along the coast going through all the small villages along the way.

Once home, Xena went back to doing what she loves...

 Herman cuts up some veggies for dinner...
These little orange fruits fall to the ground and Xena loves eating them.
Small fruit on a tree.
One of our regular visitors is this little lizard in the tree and he often comes into our room. So far they have been too quick for Xena to catch and I am sure it will stay that way.
Small lizard in a tree.

Dog with large pine tree leaf in mouth.

Most of the time, we study Spanish, walk to the park or sit in the garden. Xena sleeps or runs around chasing lizards, "catching large scary leaves" and eating little orange fruits that fall from the palm tree outside our room.  Most of all we miss our kids. We are bored and cannot wait to move into our new house. So much to do once we get there!