Friday, April 7, 2017

Getting a cell phone in Mexico

So we finally went to Telcel and got our number in Mexico. We walked for about 45 minutes in 40 degree midday heat to get to the client services location. Not sure anymore why we didn't just drive, but sweat was pouring down Herman's shirt. Everyone who works there was dressed in suits and here we walk in, speaking only English. The girl at the counter asked us to wait when she realized we could not speak Spanish and found someone who could help us in English. He was super helpful and explained to us that until we have our residents' cards pay-as-you-go would probably be easier and was not more expensive. Definitely not compared to Canadian cell rates!

We paid $15 for a new SIM card and connection fee, which includes unlimited calling and texting in Mexico, US and Canada plus 150MB data for a week. When we reload for 45 days, we will renew at the max plan for $45 which will include unlimited calling and texting in Mexico, US and Canada plus 2500MB data plus 1500MB data  just for fb, Twitter and Wattsapp.

Not too bad at all! Considering that the entire Paseo De Montejo has a Wi-Fi corridor, and all local public parks have free Wi-Fi access we are set to communicate!