Sunday, April 2, 2017

Going East

We left Veracruz early this morning as the sun rose over the Gulf of Mexico. We had a wonderful time there and as usual the service was excellent. I can understand why so many people stay there. Seeing the water first thing is always thrilling and we have missed it since we left our home in Port Elizabeth 21 years ago.

We made it onto highway 180 towards Villahermosa without incident and the toll road was not too bad, but expensive. Once we turned onto the toll road towards Cancun and Mérida, the road was really great. We made the turn at the gulf and were finally heading east. We saw the first directional sign for Mérida and Cancun and felt like our new home was within reach, but we decided not to rush it, to slow down and enjoy the trip.

We made good time and got to our hotel an hour earlier than planned. We are staying in the Ritz Tabasco which is on the busiest street right in downtown Villahermosa, but as usual Herman was a champion driver. Don't let the name fool you, it is a small inner city hotel, but exceptionally clean with wonderful staff. We booked this one online and the price was perfect.

With the car locked up behind the hotel in a secure garage, we set off to find some green space for the dog. She is getting used to Mexico and in the 37 degree heat she was breathing heavily and standing quietly under the shade of a tree, just taking in the scene without any nervousness. Herman was in his happy place. After seeing him so happy on the beach yesterday I was glad to see he enjoyed the busy little square with all the activity just as much. It's the heat he craved and it is super hot. I don't mind it as much as I expected to and feel great being in a busy Mexican city. So many shoes; why don't I have any room in the car?

The church at the square was packed for mass. We bought a pineapple freezy made right there in a blender, with ice and pineapple pieces . This province produces lots of pineapples, so they are everywhere. In The State of Veracruz, there were orange groves everywhere and we bought a litre of freshly squeezed orange juice at one of the "topehs". The juice and freezy were both delicious simply because it was so fresh. "Topehs" are the severe speed bumps that are all over Mexico to prevent speeding in populated areas. Very effective, but if you miss slowing down for one you could be replacing your vehicle's suspension, exhaust system, and possibly some other essential item like a radiator too.

It is Sunday, so many businesses closed early and we missed the hotel's restaurant open time. We bought some grilled chicken and salad from one of the stores on our street and ate in our room. Earlier today Herman had bought a small bag of "chirros". Yummy deliciousness.

I will take more pictures. I will take more pictures.